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Nope It’s Not True

Nope it’s not true I am surprised, yet I shouldn’t be, at how certain fitness myths just won’t die. These lies are passed from one person to the next, a little piece of misinformation that can set you up for failure. It seems to really occur in the new year […]

On the Third Day of Fitness…

On the third day of Fitness, HH Fitness brought to me a 20lb slim down plan! I really hope you are enjoying the start of our 12 days of fitness emails.  The third day is a special email because I give you a plan to help you lose up to […]

On the Second Day of Fitness…

On the first day we established that in order to reach your potential for 2017 and not fail at reaching your annual fitness goals you must establish your basic goal. A goal based on WHAT YOU REALLY WANT! You should have taken the time to change your mindset to the fact […]