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Look, Feel, and Move Like an Athlete…


Get Stronger, Leaner and More Athletic In…

…With A Simple (Not Easy), Coaching Plan

And the best part…I’m going to coach you every step of the way.

But let me begin by saying that this isn’t a typical fitness or fat loss program.

It’s an Academy…a commitment to yourself to finally look, feel and move like the athletes you are (or were.)

Why Almost All Training Programs Fail…But The HH Fitness Strength  &  Conditioning  Academy  Succeeds!

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By now you know that most people who join a gym, start a diet, or begin an exercise program fail to achieve their goals.

You may have even experienced disappointing results of your own in the past.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can break out of this trap once and for all….

See, Most Training Programs Actually Set You Up To Fail…

Yes, it is true.

Almost every program fails when it comes to helping you reach your goals and the reasons are pretty simple:

  1. They’re Not About You. Most training programs are one size fits all. They’re simply workouts that a gym or trainer tries to dump you into.   So may achieve some progress…but it’s pretty much impossible to reach your personal goals if no one ever identified what those goals were in the first place.
  1. They Don’t Have A Timeline for Progress. It’s simple psychology. If you don’t have a Timeline there is no urgency to take action. It’s been that way since when you were a child in school. Homework got completed because there was a due date.

If you want to look, feel and move like an athlete…you need urgency. Athletes have it. They’re training for the season. If you don’t have a timeline…a target to shoot for, there is no urgency. Your effort gets watered down. You don’t stick to the program. That’s why just having a membership to a health club or joining classes will never work. You have zero urgency and no real, specific target in mind.

  1. They Don’t Challenge You To Perform. For you to see any significant changes you’re going to have to step out of your comfort zone…but many fitness programs are afraid to ask you to do that. Why? Money. They know that no one wants to be uncomfortable forever and since they’ve ignored the need for having those short-term deadlines, they just avoid asking you to get uncomfortable at all.

They make fat loss sound like magic…’take this pill,’ ‘drink these shakes’…you’ll look just like our paid spokesperson.

You know it’s a lie.

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But there is a solution…

The HH Fitness Strength & Conditioning Academy…Your Solution For Looking, Feeling And Moving Like An Athlete

Unlike most training programs, the HH Fitness Strength & Conditioning Academy is about you and your unique goals and it avoids all those things that prevent other programs from giving you the results you want.

You’ve got a Timeline…your plan is created to reach a specific goal in only 56 days. At the end of the 56 days we re-evaluate your progress and refocus on a new goal.

The HH Fitness Strength & Conditioning Academy is about YOU. You’ll go through the G.M.P. (Goals, Movement & Performance) Assessment So That Your Program Is Personally Customized so that you’ll reach your targets in 8 short weeks.

The HH Fitness Strength & Conditioning Academy is Challenging & Incredibly Effective…it won’t be easy, but your program will be designed to get you where you want to go in the time you have.

DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind that if you are a part of this program and you are gearing up for a sporting activity we may need more than 8 weeks to make sure you are at you best potential for the event. This includes obstacle runs, half-marathons, full-marathons, triathlons, etc., you name it we will get you ready for it with a plan that has a timeline for your success.

This Strength & Conditioning protocol was strategically set up to create the challenges you need to overcome all the obstacles that STOP you from achieving your goals…once and for all.


The Challenge You Need For The Results You Want!

While most programs leave you confused and can kill your motivation, the HH Fitness Strength & Conditioning Academy approach will make getting stronger, leaner and more athletic simpler than you ever thought possible and keep your motivation high.

Now please do not mistake ‘simple’ for ‘easy.’ It’s called an Academy for a reason.

You’ll be asked to step out of your comfort zone, but remember this is for your athletic goals. It’s this sort of approach that models the performance training that competitive athletes use that will get you the results you want.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve started programs and stopped. If you’ve fallen off track or if you’ve not had real motivation without anything specific to train for.

That’s the beauty of the HH Fitness Strength & Conditioning Academy approach…it doesn’t ask you to overhaul your life or make some never-ending commitment.

You simply have to make a decision to finally get stronger, leaner and more athletic and put in a little effort into your training and nutrition.

It’s that simple.

Here’s what you can expect when you join the HH Fitness Strength & Conditioning Academy…

  • You’ll be taken through the M.P. Assessment (Goals, Movement & Performance) so we can determine what you want to accomplish over the course of your training within the Academy and so we can plot out your road-map to get there.
  • You’ll receive a Personalized 2 Day Per Week Training Program that is individually designed to fit your schedule and get you to your goals.
  • You’ll receive access to 1Day Per Week Training within our Metabolic Accelerator Program.
  • You’ll get supervision and coaching during each of your training sessions in our HH Fitness Strength & Conditioning Academy You’ll be working alongside other Academy Participants, with each of you getting the coaching and motivation you need to reach your goals.
  • You’ll receive the HH Fitness Strength & Conditioning Academy Meal Planning Guide containing the exact nutrition strategy you should follow for maximum results. You’ll know how to plan every meal to maximize fat burning, strength gains and overall performance.
  • You’ll also get access to our Private HH Fitness Facebook Group to connect with other HH Fitness Family members and get any questions you have answered by me and my team.

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Are You Ready To Finally Look, Feel And Move Like An Athlete?

By now you know that the HH Fitness Strength & Conditioning Academy is the solution to finally help you reach your fitness and performance goals. So let me give you the details about how you can get started…

Start Date: Your HH Fitness Strength & Conditioning Academy will begin after your initial goal setting session.

Investment: Your investment to participate in the Academy is just $249/month. Current clients of HH Fitness can participate in the Academy with an investment of $79/ month. In order to keep it personal I’m limiting it to just 8 6 people.

Your Next Step: If you’re ready to start training like an athlete…and looking, feeling and moving like an athlete – then the HH Fitness Strength & Conditioning Academy is for you. To get started, simply fill out the form below and click the registration button to reserve your spot!



Your Friend & Coach,


Heath Herrera, M.Ed., CSCS, YFS1

Head Coach

HH Fitness, Inc.


P.S. – You have my Iron-Clad, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. You can complete your initial 8 Week Academy plan and if you don’t get the results you were looking for, I’ll give you your entire investment back. Get started right now, RISK-FREE.

P.P.S – If you have any questions about participating in our Strength & Conditioning Academy email me at HeathHerrera@HHFitness.com or call me at 512.348.7388