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Method Behind the Madness Part 3 for Phase 3

Part 3- Putting it All Together

In Part 1, I explained the “ADRENALINE” aspect of ADRENALINE ABS. Click HERE in case you missed it.

In Part 2, I explained the “ABS” aspect of ADRENALINE ABS. Click HERE in case you missed it.

Before I reveal the ADRENALINE ABS program design, here are a couple of concluding points that I thought I should mention:

– I decided to go with 10-second work periods instead of the 8-second work periods utilized in Boutcher’s study because of the fact that I’ve found the extra couple of seconds best allows people of all fitness levels to get enough muscular contractions to achieve the desired training effect in a bootcamp setting. In other words, since we’re not using a stationary bike like in Boutcher’s study, 10 seconds works a bit better than 8 seconds for resistance training exercises.

– I used a 5-second rest and transition between the total body and core exercises because I found that was all the time that was needed to transition from floor-based to standing exercises and be ready crank it for the next set. In fact, part of the conditioning of this workout template is that you will need to get up off of the floor and down on the floor at least 60 total times within 20 minutes. This up-down aspect gets really taxing by the end of the workout. Plus, successfully going up and down is quite functional for contact-based sports and every day activities.

– It’s also interesting to note that since we are supersetting between 10-seconds of maximum effort for a total body and core exercises with a 5-second rest and transition, the 1 to 1.5 work to rest ratio from the “magical” stubborn fat burning 8-12 interval protocol in Boutcher’s study is achieved. In other words, there is 15 seconds before you repeat each 10-second exercise again best allowing for maximum intensity since the total body and core exercises are non-competitive in nature.

– There is a 1-minute rest and transition between each 5-minute station to allow for a bit of recovery to prevent any performance drops as the workout progresses. This is also a great time to grab a swig of water and wipe yourself down with a towel or too… I know I had to, ha ha!

– Lastly, you’ll notice that each workout ends with a special FINISHER consisting of 2-minutes of continuous work for a prescribed total body exercise to complete the short 10-second work periods previously performed. I thought this as a cool way to end the workout with a bang and get the added benefits of muscular endurance training and muscle glycogen (or sugar) depletion to enhance whole body fat burning for the next 24-48 hours. Not to mentioned the fact finishers in general are a great tool to build some plain old mental toughness 😉
So, now that I’ve explained the method behind the madness, here is the complete outline of the ADRENALINE ABS program design for this month:

ADRENALINE ABS- 20 minutes: Alternate between 10 seconds of maximum effort for a total body exercise and a core stability exercise with a short 5-second transition between exercises. Perform for 5 straight minutes followed by a 1-minute rest and transition. The workout ends with a surprise finisher consisting of 2-minutes of continuous work for a total body exercise.




            Red Light.                                    Level 1.                                      Level 2.                                                     Level 3. 

1A.  Butterfly Stretch.                          Body Weight Squats.            Squat Thrusts.                                       Squat Thrust Jump

1B.  Incline Push-up Hold.                 Push-up Hold.                        Band Push-up Hold.                           Increase Resistence

Rest 1 minute after performing the 10:5 intervals for 5 minutes

2A.  Split ISO Hold.                               Split Squats.                             Reverse Lunges.                                   Jumping Lunges

2B. Stride Stance Hold.                       1-Leg Balance.                         1-Leg Balance Arms Overhead.       Add Leg Swing

Alternate sides each round

Rest 1 minute after performing the 10:5 intervals for 5 minutes

 3A. Leg Lowers.                                     Kettlebell Deadlift.                 Kettlebell Swings.                               Increase Load

3B. Glute Bridge at Box.                      Decrease Base of Support      Supine Glute Bridge.                         Increase BOS

Rest 1 minute after performing the 10:5 intervals for 5 minutes

2 Minute Finisher

      Crawling on Hands and Knees.   Decrease Speed.                         Bear Crawl.                                        Increase Speed
Committed to your health,

Heath Herrera, M.Ed., CSCS

Head Coach

HH Fitness, Inc.



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