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Man Makers Exercise

Every Friday we share a “Weekend Warrior” workout with our clients.

The purpose of this is to help them stay on track with their “bootcamp” style training sessions. By providing this weekly we give them a variety of options for training at home or on the road.

Recently we shared workout to our private Facebook group for our clients and had a question in what the “man maker” was. 

We answered it by describing what he exercise is. To perform a “man maker” you will do the following with a dumbbell:

  1. Start in a push-up position with your hands on the Dumbbells.
  2. Perform a push-up.
  3. Perform a push-up hold with a row for each arm.
  4. Thrust up and perform a dumbbell clean
  5. Perform a squat to press
  6. Return to the star position by performing a squat thrust.

Below is a video we recorded to help our clients better understand our version of the “man maker.”

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