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Holiday Survival Guide Download

First of all I’d like to congratulate and thank you on requesting the HH Fitness Holiday Survival Guide.

It may seem insignificant to you now, but you really have taken a MASSIVE step in the right direction. This Survival Guide and the continuing education you’re going to receive really does have the power to transform your health, and therefore your life.

But don’t take my word for it, CLICK HERE and see for yourself…


Remember, in this Holiday Survival Guide you’ll…

  • Body-weight Workouts You Can Do Anywhere To Burn Fat
  • Videos Showing You Proper Form and Coaching Cues To Maximize Your Efforts (See Below)
  • Easy To Follow Nutrition Tips To Help You Burn Fat While Enjoying Holiday Food and Fun
  • Secret Fat Burning  Recipes That Will WOW Your Friends and Family At Get-Togethers
  • Holiday Party Survival Tips To Ensure Results
  • Learn What 7 Things Will Reduce Your Stress During The Holidays
  • And much, much more!

Again, you can CLICK HERE to get the report.

Committed to your health,


Heath Herrera, M.Ed., CSCS, YFS1

Head Coach

HH Fitness, Inc.




P.S. – I look forward to providing you with more valuable education including

  • Our coveted HH Fitness Newsletter packed with must-know fitness tips, done-for-you recipes, and motivational messages
  • FREE Follow along Workout Programs GUARANTEED to melt stubborn fat and fire up any sluggish metabolism


Exercise Videos

Workout #1

Workout #2

Workout #3

Workout #4

Workout #5

 Workout #6

Workout #7

Workout #8

Workout #9 Option 1

 Workout #9 Option 2

Workout #10

Workout #11

Workout #12

Workout #13

Workout #14

Workout #15

If you found it easier to perform these workouts with a follow along video simply email Heath Herrera at HeathHerrera@HHFitness.com to get signed up for the online training program or to learn more about how HH Fitness can help you from the comfort of your home.


Bonus Nutritional Tools

Supplement Guide (Click Here to Download)


Heath Herrera’s Affiliate Link to Prograde


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