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First HH Fitness, Inc. Duathlon

This past weekend we held the first HH Fitness, Inc. Duathlon. This was put together by Jonathon, Texas State intern, Sylvia, and Heath. The event was a success and a lot of fun. 
We had several​​ sponsors that helped make this event a success. Without their help this event would not been as successful. These individuals and businesses helped with monetary sponsorship that helped with getting food for the event or they secured prizes for the goodie bags and prizes for the post event drawing. A big Thank You from the HH Fitness Team goes to:

Pennington’s Cakes (Stephen Horn)

Yogurt in Love (Ruth Molina)

Cornwell Tools (Richard Benitez)

Central Texas Medical Center (Olga Solis & Rachel Valdez)

​​​​​Little Guys Movers (Ryan Villareal)

Pain Care Physicians – Austin

HH Fitness, Inc.​​​

Enjoy the trailer from the Duathlon:

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