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Easter Workout

We decide to have a litte fun with our Saturday A.B.S. Training session this weekend. Instead of a normal session we held a special Easter themed training session.  We hid eggs throughout the Movement & Performance Institute for our clients to find during the training session.

 Each egg had Easter themed words in them. Once someone found an egg they would then spell out the word performing different exercises. In the case for this training session we hid 12 eggs with 12 different words or phrased in them.


If they found an egg that had the word “Egg Hunt” in it they would then spell out “Egg Hunt” with exercises.  In this instance they would perform the following exercises:

E = 20 Mountain Climbers

G = 20 Prone Med Ball Extessions 

G = 20 Prone Med Ball Extessions

H = 20 Band Pull-A-Parts

U = 15 Lateral Band Squats

N = 25 Kettlebell Squats to Overhead Press

T = 15 T-Rotation Push-ups

Have fun coming up with your own words, finding the eggs, and spelling out as many words as possible in 30 minutes.

Make sure to commit to 10 minutes of warming up prior to starting your egg hung.

Committed to your health, 

Heath Herrera, M.Ed., CSCS

Head Coach

HH Fitness, Inc.



P.S. – If you are looking to get started with or take your fitness routine to the next level give us a call at 512.348.7388 or email HeathHerrera@HHFitness.com 


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