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On the Fourth Day of Fitness….

We know all too well how quickly the holidays can become stressful.  Our hope is that each day our posts will give you the opportunity to step back, laugh and give some thought into staying fit during such a busy time.  Above all, we hope the 12 Days of Fitness […]

On the Third Day of Fitness…

On the third day of Fitness, HH Fitness brought to me a 20lb slim down plan! I really hope you are enjoying the start of our 12 days of fitness emails.  The third day is a special email because I give you a plan to help you lose up to […]

On the Second Day of Fitness…

On the first day we established that in order to reach your potential for 2017 and not fail at reaching your annual fitness goals you must establish your basic goal. A goal based on WHAT YOU REALLY WANT! You should have taken the time to change your mindset to the fact […]

On the First Day of Fitness….

The holiday season is fast upon us.  We are a couple of weeks away from Christmas. You may be trying to finalize your holiday shopping or getting ready to travel to see your family. Take a moment and reflect on 2016.  Did you reach your fitness “Goal” this past year? No, now […]

How bad do you “Want It?”

How bad do you “Want It?” In order to improve your performance for any sport you have to want it. These lyrics from Blue October’s song “I want it” are exactly the mindset you need to have when you want to improve your sports performance:                 “To all of you […]

22 push-up variations for the 22 push-up challenge

I recently took on the 22 push-ups a day for 22 days challenge to raise awareness for combat veterans. There are 22 vets a day that are committing suicide, and this is a small way to raise awareness for that issue. After looking at the rules one part stuck out […]


Phase 6 2016 Part 2 – Tempo Interval Training

This is part two for the Method Behind the Madness for the 2016 phase 6 of our training.  In part one we covered Tabatas (read more about tabatas here). In part two we will cover an often-overlooked component of training, especially among boot camp instructors, is tempo.  Tempo refers to […]

Phase 6 2016 Part 1 – Tabata Revolution

In 1994, Dr. Tabata and some other Japanese researchers conducted a study with results that have forever changed the way fitness professionals program workouts designed to burn fat and boost fitness. There were 2 groups in this landmark study. Group 1 did steady state cardio for 60 minutes- the long, […]

Put a Smile on Your Face

Are you up to trying something different for your next walk? How about doing something that will put a smile on your face?   Try the farmer walk. Pick up a pair of weights and carry them at your side. As you carry them create a proud chest and don’t […]

Part 2 for phase 4 of 2016: BODYBUILDING BOOT CAMP

Welcome to part 2 for phase 4 of 2016. In this post we will cover days B, D, & F of our training protocol. In part one we introduced to you A, C, & E of the training phase; undulating intervals using the beast (20:40), warrior (40:20), and mad minute […]