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21 Day Transformation


Are you frustrated by all the gimmicks, pills, powders, shakes and gadgets sold on late night TV that are nothing more than empty promises and slick marketing?

Are you tired of all the health clubs and fitness centers that tell you exactly what you want to hear to get you to join, but once you’re a member they forget about you and don’t teach you anything about how to get results? than empty promises and slick marketing?

If so, then this amazing offer is perfect for you…

21day Transformation

Here’s what you get:

  • A Complete health and fitness evaluation ($99 value)
  • Three weeks worth of FAT-BURNING Workouts with HH Fitness ($249 value)
  • 21 Days of FAT-BURNING Meal Plans ($120 value) designed by a Registered Dietitian to ensure that you reach your goals as quickly as possible

 You get $468 worth of 

Health and Fitness training for

ONLY $97


Guaranteed Results with this Fitness Boot Camp program, so sign-up today or contact Heath Herrera at HHFitness@gmail.com or 512-787-2219 now to register or for more information.

 Here’s what a raving fan has to say:

“I began participating in Heath’s boot camp in March of 2008 after giving birth to my daughter in January.  Throughout my pregnancy I gained almost 80 pounds!  I didn’t know how I could possibly lose the weight and get back in shape after 9 months of eating any and everything I wanted, a month of bed rest, and 2 months of sleepless maternity leave.  Heath’s boot camp was just what the doctor ordered!  I am now happy to report I have lost all of my baby weight.  I am healthier than before my pregnancy.  I feel great, have lots of energy to run around after my daughter, and sleep better than ever before.  Boot camp has really been an answer to my prayers.  It has changed the way I look at exercise, food, and life! ” –Krystal Gomez, Dec. 2008

Please note that each of these ladies participated in the HH Fitness Boot Camp Program for more than 21 days. They each followed the program to achieve their results.  Yes, you can drop a dress size in 21 days, but to achieve these results you must commit to changing your lifestyle.

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