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Training Phase 4: Part 1 Method Behind the Madness

Part 1 for phase four of 2016: undulating periodization We have a great phase of group training sessions (boot camp) coming your way.  This will be the fourth phase of the year and it will be an 8 week training protocol.   We are alternating between 6 different training protocols […]

First HH Fitness, Inc. Duathlon

This past weekend we held the first HH Fitness, Inc. Duathlon. This was put together by Jonathon, Texas State intern, Sylvia, and Heath. The event was a success and a lot of fun.  We had several​​ sponsors that helped make this event a success. Without their help this event would […]

Method Behind the Madness Part 4 – Shock Your Body with Ladder Intervals During Phase 3

The typical interval workout features a single interval protocol with a static work and rest period. For example, a 30-30 interval workout consists of alternating between 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest with a 1:1 work to rest ratio. Is there anything wrong with this format? Absolutely […]

Method Behind the Madness Part 3 for Phase 3

Part 3- Putting it All Together In Part 1, I explained the “ADRENALINE” aspect of ADRENALINE ABS. Click HERE in case you missed it. In Part 2, I explained the “ABS” aspect of ADRENALINE ABS. Click HERE in case you missed it. Before I reveal the ADRENALINE ABS program design, […]

Method Behind the Madness Part 2 for Phase 3

In part 1 we covered the adrenaline portion to our Adrenaline Abs programing for phase 3. If you want to get caught up with part 1 CLICK HERE Part II- ABS  Alright so what about the “ABS” part of “ADRENALINE ABS”? Well we’ve already effectively mobilized stubborn belly fat via […]

Method Behind the Madness Part 1 for Phase 3

Method Behind the Madness: ADRENALINE ABS ADRENALINE ABS is the name of the program we’re using in the third phase of 2016 featuring a fusion of 10-second total body exercises to boost adrenaline and burn stubborn fat and 10-second core stability exercises to build flat, rock hard abs. I have […]

Easter Workout

We decide to have a litte fun with our Saturday A.B.S. Training session this weekend. Instead of a normal session we held a special Easter themed training session.  We hid eggs throughout the Movement & Performance Institute for our clients to find during the training session.  Each egg had Easter […]


Man Makers Exercise

Every Friday we share a “Weekend Warrior” workout with our clients. The purpose of this is to help them stay on track with their “bootcamp” style training sessions. By providing this weekly we give them a variety of options for training at home or on the road. Recently we shared […]

Best of Hays County

Thank You Hays county! You signed up to receive the HH Fitness Cook Book and Smoothie Recipes as our thank your for selecting us the Best of Hays County in Fitness for 2015.  You will find your downloads below. You have been added to our newsletter list, this will help […]


Transformation Challenge Rules and Info

Transformation Challenge Rules and Info Entry Fees $49 per person includes 1 Large Group Workout per week (current members will get a bonus add on). $99 per person includes 3 Large Group workouts per week plus other benefits. $299 per person includes 2 Semi-private coaching sessions per week AND 2 […]