2061 Clovis Barker, 11A, San Marcos, Texas

Return and Shipping Policies

We have a strict NO RETURN policy on all services purchased. NO EXCEPTIONS!

There are NO RETURNS for absences. NO EXCEPTIONS!

All Services Require a Minimum 3-Month Commitment and Automatically Renew each Month.  Should you participate in a longer commitment your account will automatically renew on a month to month basis.

Should you not be able to continue due to medical reasons, we will extend the 6 months to an agreed upon amount of time when we receive a doctor’s note.

You may transfer your purchases services to another individual for a fee of $25.

All future payments will be processed on the FIRST DAY of each new month.

10-DAYS NOTICE is REQUIRED via email at HHFitness@gmail.com to suspend the auto renewal OR to downgrade your current package (NO EXCEPTIONS).

HH Fitness would be more than happy to upgrade your package at anytime.

• There are NO initial joining fees, but there is a $75 REACTIVATION FEE to rejoin after prior cancellation.

• With 10 days notice, you may suspend your services for a maximum of 6 weeks up to 2 times per calendar year without paying the $75 REACTIVATION FEE to rejoin.

30 days notice will be given by HH Fitness for any changes in rates.

We do not currently ship any items.

If you have any questions please contact us at:

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